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Webinar: Fast and accurate 3D printing with the new Form 4


3DZ Webinar, 11 July 11:00am

Language: Portuguese 🇵🇹

During the July 11 webinar at 11:00 a.m. 3DZ will present the latest 3D printing innovation from Formlabs: Form 4. This new resin 3D printer with LFD technology is fast and exceptionally accurate. It allows you to make industrial parts of the highest quality in record time.

Form 4 is multi-purpose, reliable and intuitive. It has a wide range of materials to meet every need.

11-07-24 - 11-07-24

Why participate?

  • Form 4 is Formlabs’ new ultra-fast and accurate printer. It’s versatile and intuitive: we’ll show you how easy it is to launch a print and you’ll see how, in just a few minutes, you can get parts with incredible aesthetic quality, comparable to those obtained by injection molding.

  • You will see in detail what technological innovations make the new Form 4 so fast and accurate.

  • We will introduce you to the new resins specially formulated for Form 4 and their main characteristics.

  • You will learn about possible applications and success stories of other companies.


  • Resin 3D printing
  • Form 4: the new accurate and fast printer
  • Applications and success stories
  • Questions and Answers


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