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3D Systems

ProX 800

The state-of-the-art ProX™ 800 uses SLA, the most advanced plastic part 3D printing technology for printing the highest precision, highest resolution, lowest cost and highest throughput across the widest range of applications for prototyping, end-use part manufacturing and rapid tooling production. The ProX 800 3D printer has a really high productivity. Its SLA printing system is able to build objects with exceptional surface smoothness. The ProX 800 has a very high resolution to ensure high-definition printing at all times. SLA technology is extremely flexible, suitable for all applications requiring high precision. SLA technology is ideal for all applications where shape, size and assembly are critical: tolerance on an SLA component is on average less than 0.05mm. This technology always guarantees a smooth surface finish, whatever additive is used in the production process.

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