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Passion, expertise and experience

Today we are authorized resellers of the most prestigious brands on the market: 3D Systems, Markforged, Formlabs, Nexa 3D, Artec, Materialise and Oqton.  

A long journey, made of passion, expertise and success, which has placed us as a leading point of reference in the industry and among the largest distributors in Europe, with a complete offer of the leading brands in 3D sector printing, scanning and software.

Our experience and widespread presence in Europe allow us to respond to the most specific application requests in a variety of sectors, with effective proposals and tailored solutions, enhanced by an expert consulting service made up of constant support, training and assistance.


The development of 3DZ is ongoing and involves various business aspects: sales, number of sites, staff, certified technicians, and satisfied customers. The sales trend of 3D printers and scanners is also growing thanks to our local partners.

Our Story

  • 1

    + of 4000 satisfied customers worldwide

  • 2

    + of 3200 professional 3D printers installed

  • 3

    25M€ turnover

  • 4

    98.2% of tickets closed within the contractual terms

  • 5

    2 Spare Parts Emergency Service in 2 days

  • 6

    33 certified technicians

  • 7

    14 locations throughout Europe


Office: Headquarters in Malta, Treviso (IT) et Brescia (IT)​

Partner: 3DSystems​

Applications: Prototyping​


Offices: New offices in Piemonte (IT) and in Tuscany (IT)​

Partner: 3DSystems​

Applications: Prototyping and jewellery​


Offices: Emilia-Romagna (IT) and Roma (IT)​


Offices: Albanie, Romania, Hungary​

Partners: FormLabs and Artec​


Offices: Barcelona and Madrid (SP), Serbia​

Partners: HP for production​


Offices: Lyon ​

Business: turnover higher than 20 millions euros​

Partner: Exclusivity with 3DSystems​


Offices : Bilbao, Alicante and Dubai​

Partners: Markforged​

Applications: Production and tooling​

Business: turnover higher than 25 millions euros​



Business: more than 2000 clients​


Merger of 3DZ Spa


Opening of the new office in Portugal


Start of Academy courses

Contact us for more information and a personalized consultation.