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Nuove soluzioni di mobilità, rapide esigenze di innovazione, assieme alle crescenti sensibilizzazioni ambientali ed economiche stanno ridefinendo gli standard di settore e stanno spingendo l’industria automobilistica a progettare e produrre con la stampa 3D sempre più componenti.

Con l’introduzione di questa nuova tecnologia, sempre più performante, il settore automotive si sta concentrando sulla riduzione dei tempi di consegna per

to develop vehicle models such that competitive advantages and reduced product development costs are achieved.

Projects by major automakers such as Daimler, VW, Porsche, Audi, and Rolls-Royce aim to fabricate various components from metal, carbon fiber, and aircraft structures.


New technologies are creating new challenges and opportunities in the automotive field. Additive manufacturing comes into play in producing competitive advantages, optimizing production and performance, designing and manufacturing new prototypes and parts quickly and efficiently, and ensuring maximum design customization even to handle geometric and structural complexities.
The future of automotive lies in 3D printing. 

Reduction in time from concept design to manufacturing even in large volumes compared with previous manufacturing processes.

Achieving maximum strength with lightweight materials, minimizing scrap by handling even complex geometries

Production of unique molded parts, minimize the number of assemblies and welding steps, reducing production time and making the part less likely to have weaker points.

Reproduce spare parts as needed, including parts that are no longer on the market, thanks to 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Weight reduction of components: a lighter car means having a car that performs better, consumes less fuel, and is consequently more sustainable.

3D printing in the automotive field is increasingly being used to cut costs and produce short-run batches at lower costs.

Need in creating prototypes and final parts with complex geometries that are strong, thin and light. Ensuring the customization of unique design elements to meet every customer need.

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