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Artec 3D


The best value-for-money 3D scanner for medium and small parts

The Artec Eva scanner is similar to a video camera working in 3D, capturing up to 16 3D images per second. The images are automatically aligned in real time. As you scan, you can see what you have already captured and what needs further attention. 3D scanning is really quick and easy! Artec Eva stands out for: - high capture speed - good quality - its ease of use: no need for calibration or markers.

3D Accuracy
Up to 0.1 mm
3D resolution
Up to 0,2 mm
Object size
From 10 cm
3D reconstruction rate
Up to 16 frames per second
Color scanning
Markerless tracking
Based on the geometry and structure of the surface
Output formats
All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, PLY

Reverse engineering

Quality control

Digital Archive

3D Visualization

Rapid Prototyping

Artec Studio

Artec Studio is a comprehensive 3D software with a wide range of tools.

Working with 3D scan data has never been easier, thanks to the intelligent Autopilot mode that ensures a smooth work process for both new and experienced users, automatically guiding them through all post-processing steps. This revolutionary mode applies the best algorithms to your scan data so you can build a perfect 3D model in real time.

A manual mode is also available, giving users absolute control over advanced tools. Whether you use Autopilot or Manual mode, Artec Studio creates high-quality 3D models ready for export to CAD, 3D printing, and more.

Artec Eva is the ideal choice for quickly capturing an accurate, already textured 3D model of medium-sized objects, such as a human torso, a wheel rim, or the exhaust system of a car. It scans quickly, capturing with precise measurements in high resolution.
Lightweight, fast and versatile, Eva is Artec's most popular and market-leading handheld 3D scanner. Based on proven structured light scanning technology, it is an excellent all-around solution for capturing objects of all types, including objects with black or shiny surfaces.

Eva simultaneously captures and processes up to as many as 18 million points per second, and also offers high accuracy down to 0.1 mm.

Brilliant color scanning and high resolution 3D.

Create full-color 3D replicas of your object.

Eva uses structured white light technology, and is completely safe to scan both people and inanimate objects.

No need for preparation, just turn on the scanner and move it around the subject as with a camera. Simple.

It connects the scanner, weighing only 0.85kg to a tablet or battery, which provides up to six hours of operation, so you can scan anywhere, even in areas where there are no electrical sources.

To scan large objects, or to create an Automated Scanning System, you can merge and synchronize several scanners. You can also integrate scanners into your custom scanning solution using our Artec Scanning SDK development kit.

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