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3D printing is now able to create solutions that are ever more in line with the demands of the modern consumer (maximum customization, rapid delivery, affordability).

Solutions at increasingly competitive prices, new ranges of materials, customized components as early as a few pieces but also on a large scale:

a huge profit potential that marks a turning point, not only for rapid prototyping, but also in manufacturing, able to offer, thanks to new technologies, processing that is impossible to reproduce through more conventional techniques.



Additive manufacturing is finding more and more widespread application in the footwear industry in order to meet the needs of consumers as much as those of designers and entrepreneurs. Greater customization, creative freedom, rapid and low-cost production of shoe prototypes ready to be tested and later produced. The use of 3D printing in manufacturing processes reduces the time to market conspicuously, speeding up the process that takes the product from the factory to the store. The trend is to produce end parts and accessories, going so far as to produce a totally 3D printed footwear, tailored to the consumer.

The current available technology goes so far as to offer tailor-made products that can provide an optimized fit compared to any previous model.


Speed in prototyping, complexity in design and total freedom in shapes that are impossible to achieve through traditional methods are some of the main benefits of 3D printing in the eyewear world. The process from the conception of a new product to the display of the new eyewear model at the store is accelerated so much that large manufacturers can create more and more new designs within a year.

Rapid prototyping allows an idea of the final product, as well as its cost, to be provided right away. Colors, materials, processing and subsequent coatings allow for endless variations, so much so that unique pieces can be created, tailored to a potential individual customer. In addition, 3D printed eyeglass frames make it easier to place lenses and any additional final parts.

Sportswear & Leisure

A rush for innovation involves the world’s major sportswear brands. 3D printing comes to the rescue by providing innovative solutions that can meet the most common problems, as well as further optimize product performance.

The application of rapid prototyping logic makes it possible to design models starting directly from the customer’s physical conformation, reaching unprecedented levels of ergonomics, fit and comfort. Comprehensive and subjective tailor-made customizations that satisfy the customer and reduce warehouse and storage costs for the manufacturer.


The market is pushing to accelerate the ideation and production process. The modern consumer demands increasingly customizable products that are available quickly and anywhere.

Optimized performance, tailor-made products, unlimited design freedom, innovative new materials, and ever-shrinking time to market: 3D printing grasps the challenges of the market, pushing the future of manufacturing beyond conventional limits. 

Customized products down to the last detail, right down to the creation of unique products tailored to the individual customer, achieving the highest degree of ergonomics, comfort and performance.

Conception of complex designs to be made by traditional methods, no creative limits, quality standards guaranteed by increasingly innovative printers and materials.

Speed in bringing the product to market: customized implementations, containing costs and time to decide whether to produce that particular product as much as possible.

Customized productions tailored to individual customers, ensuring exceptional quality and maximum precision in surfaces even in extremely thin thicknesses and, at any level of complexity.

Innovative solutions and high-quality technologies that are increasingly affordable and easy to use.

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