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Production and 3D prototyping of jewelry


Today, 3D printing for jewelry creation represents a unique opportunity for the jewelry industry, specialized designers, goldsmith workshops and businesses of all sizes.

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3D printers for the automotive industry


The automotive sector is one of the major industries where 3D printing is becoming increasingly involved. Additive manufacturing is building the cars of tomorrow: witness the increasing investments in this field in the production of complex automotive components.

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3D printers for large-scale production and industrial manufacturing


3D printing has increasingly become a decisive resource for the mechanical engineering industry, changing the way small and large companies bring their designs to life, quickly and at a reduced cost.  

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Manufacturing and prototyping in the world of fashion, sports & entertainement

3D printing for everyday life

Every day 3D printing pushes the limits of design and manufacturing further and further forward, opening up new opportunities for innovation in fashion, sports and lifestyle.

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