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DMP Flex 100

La miglior stampante 3D a polvere di metallo per la produzione di piccoli lotti

Metal 3D printer for accurate detail and thinner walls. Absolute precision and repeatability, as well as the best surface finish in the industry, with even better Ra values: flexibility of use in Research and Development, ideal for application development and production. The DMP Flex 100 metal printer is powerful enough to process a wider range of materials, including different types of Titanium. 3D Systems offers LaserForm CoCr (B) and LaserForm 17-4PH (B) with widely developed, tested and optimized print databases. Additional LaserForm materials for use with DMP Flex 100 are under development. Print sharp edges, extreme crisp details and smooth surfaces with high fidelity, ideal for intricate precision metal parts manufacturing with reduced metal hand polishing.