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3DZ announces collaboration with Zeiss and QFP in Italy


High quality non-contact 3D measuring systems

3DZ, the European leader in professional 3D printing, is launching an important partnership with Zeiss, the industry leader in industrial metrology and QFP, a reference for the sector of non-contact optical and laser metrology.

Zeiss and QFP, with their wide and updated range of high-quality non-contact 3D measurement systems, complete the 3DZ portfolio.

The instruments of the two companies, in fact, allow to detect objects with dimensions of a few millimeters such as tools, jewelry, elements of dental technology. But also objects many meters in size such as: hulls, wind turbines, industrial plants, always using the most appropriate device to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

All the systems offered by Zeiss and QFP are calibrated through dimensional analysis with 3D optical scanning systems, laser systems, traditional CMMs and non-contact real-time 3D deformation analysis services (the only ones in Italy to provide this service).

The dimensional analysis checks carried out with 3D scanning techniques, offer many advantages over traditional measurements with touch probe machines.

3DZ, Zeiss and QFP, through a series of joint events, will present application cases in which industrial 3D printing and quality control (through 3D measurement systems) allow competitive advantages and increasingly innovative products.