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Formlabs unveils big news: Open Platform


SLA 3D printing affordable and for every need

Open Plaform allows you to maximize the potential of SLA 3D printing through free access to third-party materials and customizable print settings.

With Open Platform you can access the best third-party resins selected and certified by Formlabs, customize print settings to suit your needs, and experiment with any 405 nm photopolymer resin. Together, these solutions make your Formlabs SLA ecosystem even more versatile and high-performing.

This new solution along with Form 3+‘s new lowered price makes additive manufacturing truly affordable for everyone.

The various solutions of Open Plaform

Depending on your needs, Formlabs’ Open Platform will come to you, providing the perfect solution.

  • 1

    Certified materials

    Print all materials selected and certified by Formlabs, including third-party materials.
    Print using a selection of high-quality resins manufactured by third parties and certified by Formlabs for use on Form 3 generation printers. This allows you to choose from a wider range, selecting the resins best suited to your specific application and getting the result you want.
    Solution available on Formlabs compatible SLA printers.

  • 2

    Editing of settings

    Customize your printing performance (both with Formlabs materials and with third-party certified materials) by adjusting numerous print settings, such as laser exposure, layer thickness, scaling factor, resin heating, mixer movements, and more.
    With this free update, available in November, you can adapt and maximize the potential of your Formlabs 3D SLA printer.

  • 3

    Open Material License

    With Form 3 generation printers, upon downloading the "Open Material" license, you can print with any 405 nm photopolymer resin (even third-party and non-certified). If you are a researcher or experienced user this allows you the freedom to experiment using an advanced printing tool. Purchase of the one-time unlimited license is optional. Available from the first quarter of 2024.

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