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Fuse Depowdering Kit: the starter kit for cleaning 3D printed parts with SLS technology


Fuse Depowdering Kit is the part cleaning solution that makes the possibility of managing an entire production flow of molded parts with SLS technology even more accessible.

Fuse 1 is Formlabs’ SLS printer with an excellent quality, price and speed ratio that has made it accessible, even to medium-small companies. Thanks to the ever-expanding range of printing materials, the possible applications are increasingly numerous.

What is Fuse Depowdering Kit?

The Fuse Depowdering Kit is a set of manual tools that allow users of the Fuse 1 and Fuse 1+ 30W system to carry out cleaning operations on molded parts and recycle non-sintered powder without having to resort to the automatic Sift station.

At a lower price than the entire automated system, you have the option of managing the entire production flow of the Fuse 1 system or you have the option of being able to make a material change faster.

The Fuse Depowdering Kit contains several hand tools, such as brushes and pipe cleaners, to clean the part and remove excess dust from the molded parts, which is collected in a tray to hold the unmelted powders.

Next, in order to recycle the powders, they must be filtered through a sieve that separates the dust by removing impurities. This makes it possible to refill a powder cartridge and proceed with the process by mixing the virgin powder and renewing the material for a new print.

The kit has 2 different sieves available that are used depending on the powder used, the Sifter 150 Sieve is compatible with all materials such as Nylon 12 Powder, Nylon 11 Powder, Nylon 12 GF Powder, and TPU 90A Powder, with the exception of the carbon-reinforced Nylon 11 CF Powder for which the Sifter 300 Sieve is required.


The Kit allows users to be facilitated in workflow flexibility since it allows those using different materials to tackle printer cleaning tasks while cleaning newly sintered parts. This can reduce the time needed for material changes since it is sufficient to clean the sintering printer and cleaning the Depowdering Kit is quick and easy.

Using the tools in the kit, you can achieve the same quality standards needed to reuse excess powder for new printing jobs.

Does it replace the Fuse Sift?

Since this is almost entirely manual work, the Depowdering Kit is intended as an alternative to the Fuse 1 system’s automated Sifter for customers looking for a non-automated solution of powder cleaning and recovery processes.

Manual processes require an attendant for cleaning and mixing of used and virgin powder, therefore, are suitable for companies that do not have to manage consecutive print workflows without breaks.

In a push production environment where there are large quantities of products and prototypes, the automated cleaning station makes it possible to simplify processes and streamline cleaning processes while minimizing the loss of unsintered powder.

Do you want to know more?

Would you like more information about Depowdering Kit or the Fuse 1 printing system with SLS technology? Contact us to request an appointment with one of our 3D printing experts.

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