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New technical resins for Figure 4 and SLA printers from 3DSystems


Flame retardant 3D printing materials for automotive, aerospace, electronics, and new jewelry resins

Our partner 3D Systems recently introduced new printing materials to expand the already wide range of resins for the Figure 4 family of printers and its SLA (stereolithography) technology printers: Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black and Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 20 and Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black.

These are high-performance materials that enable the fabrication of end-use parts in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor and consumer products industries.

Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black

Durable, flame-retardant, high-performance 3D printing material that meets UL94 V0 test standards.

This new material for Figure 4 Standalone and Modular printers, Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black, boasts excellent mechanical properties and characteristics such as fire resistance, liquid compatibility, UV stability, and paint adhesion. It is distinguished from other flame retardant materials by its strength and remarkable elongation at break of 44%. Figure 4 Tough V0 Black makes it possible to obtain parts with high levels of detail and precision, requiring no heat treatment.

Recommended for applications in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, transportation, and consumer products. Tested to provide high mechanical performance for 8 years indoors and 1 year outdoors (according to ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 methods), ensuring the long-term functionality and stability of molded parts under real-world conditions.


  • Aircraft electrical connectors, knobs, washers and spacers
  • Circuit board protectors
  • Electrical and engine compartment housings
  • Heavy-duty guards, brackets and mounts
  • Flame retardant parts for trains and buses
  • High-volume production of small end-use plastic parts


  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing material
  • Does not require additional heat treatment after curing
  • Excellent compatibility with liquids such as turbine oil, hydraulic fluid and IPAs
  • Suitable for plating and painting

Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 20

For detailed, high-resolution jewelry models, direct casting with easy and clean burnout.

Designed for professional jewelry casting, Figure 4® JCAST-GRN 20 enables accurate, repeatable and finely detailed master models. This high-contrast green material is easily meltable with minimal ash and residue for rapid production of high-quality jewelry parts.

Printing material specifically for the Figure 4 Jewelry printer.


  • Producing master patterns for plaster investment casting of all types of jewelry
  • Suitable for a wide range of precision metals
  • Highly detailed models for design validation and samples for customers
  • Complete workflow to meet the needs of numerous jewelry styles


  • Production of high-quality castings
  • High detail and resolution
  • Optimized wax quantity for excellent burnout
  • Direct casting that does not require molds
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black

For printing high-performance, large-size, high-quality flame-retardant parts.

Accura AMX™ Tough FR V0 Black is the first stereolithography, flame retardant resin that meets UL94 V0 test standards.

This tough, high-performance material, with elongation at break of 35%, enables the production of high-quality, high-resolution parts with an excellent matte finish.

Accura AMX™ Tough FR V0 Black is recommended for applications in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, transportation, and consumer products. Due to its excellent surface quality, speed, and ease of printing, Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black is particularly suitable as a general-purpose material for even large-scale applications.


  • Direct production of plastic end-use parts in large volumes
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Printed circuit board protectors
  • UL94 V0-compliant protectors, brackets and housings
  • Flame-retardant parts for trains and buses


  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing, extremely durable material
  • Printing of large, high-performance parts with long-term stability
  • Extremely versatile due to ease and speed of printing