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Nylon 12 GF: the new nylon powder with a high concentration of glass for 3D printing rigid parts with high thermal stability


Formlabs' new Nylon 12 GF powder expands the range of materials available for the SLS Fuse 1 printer and potential fields of application.

The high amount of glass fiber present in this new material allows you to 3D print rigid and compact pieces with high thermal stability properties. The specific characteristics of Nylon 12 GF Powder make it ideal for making prototypes or end-use parts which require load capacity and high temperature resistance.


The specific properties of Nylon 12 GF ensure that the molded piece does not deform and maintains its dimensional accuracy even when exposed to high temperatures and when subjected to the application of a load.



Nylon 12 GF is ideal for

rigid and functional prototypes
templates and fixings
replacement parts
parts with threads and housings requiring these characteristics.

Sectors of use:

The combination of the properties of Nylon 12 GF Powder allows it to be used even in sectors such as automotive and aerospace.



Nylon 12 GF allows up to 70% of the powder to be reused: the regeneration percentage can be set to recover as much material as possible, to optimize costs or to obtain the best surface finish of the molded piece.

The management of material changes is quick and easy, to minimize downtime and allow for consistently high productivity.

Produce final pieces with 3D printing

The new fiberglass powder adds to the existing SLS materials catalog for the Fuse 1 printer:

  • Nylon 11 (ductile and resilient)
  • Nylon 12 (for high detail and dimensional accuracy).

Using materials with different and specific properties for the required use allows you to take full advantage of 3D printing and allows you to expand and diversify the applications that can be created within the company.

In the past, glass-filled powders and industrial-grade composites were only available for very expensive printers and were within the reach of few: today Fuse 1, with its simple printing process and its ever-expanding range of SLS materials, makes it accessible to small and medium-sized companies even the most difficult applications.

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