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Fuse Blast

Fully automated cleaning and polishing solution for SLS molded parts

With Fuse Blast you get professional parts with smooth and uniform touch surfaces in the fastest and easiest way ever. Fuse Blast is a fully automated and easy-to-use cleaning solution for post-processing 3D printed parts with SLS technology. Fuse Blast complements and integrates into the Fuse Series ecosystem and enables complete cleaning of all printed parts within the print chamber in as little as 30 minutes. With Fuse Blast, the post-processing workflow is easier, and costs and labor time are reduced. Together with the polishing add-on, Fuse Blast allows parts to be polished achieving a smooth, semi-glossy, dye-ready surface finish with consistent, professional results every time.

Total post-processing time: 15-30 minutes
Unused dust removal: 5-10 minutes with Fuse Sift (manual)

Cleaning: 10-15 minutes with Fuse Blast (automatic or manual)
100 x 75 x 175 cm
Diameter glass particles for sandblasting:
Compressor power
90PSI / 10 SCFM
Compressor compatibility
3 mm/ 4 mm

Fast and automated post-processing

Print your pieces with Fuse 1+ 30W.
Then filter, measure, mix, and store the powder with Fuse Sift.
Finally clean your parts with Fuse Blast, the new fully automated cleaning solution that completes Formlabs' Fuse ecosystem.

Save time and money

Revolutionize your workflow to save time and money. Try the fully automated SLS parts cleaning system. Reduce labor time by 80 percent and get parts finished in less than 15 minutes with Fuse Blast.

Perfectly clean quality parts

Fuse Blast is the final step in perfecting your SLS workflow and achieving perfectly clean parts. It is a stand-alone hardware for automatically blasting and tumbling sintered parts from Formlabs Fuse 1 printer, also featuring a manual assisted mode.

Parts for immediate use

Thanks to the inline ionizer, which prevents dust and abrasive materials from settling back in, you get parts that are clean to the touch. If you want, you can further refine them with the accessory polishing function, which gives you a smooth, semi-glossy, dye-ready surface finish. (Polishing function available from mid-2024).

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