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3D printing saves lives in the battle against Coronavirus

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3D printing in the service of medicine

Digital innovation is working to combat the Coronavirus.

Valves printed for a device needed for resuscitation with Duraform material, thanks to the ProX SLS 6100 3D printer from American manufacturer, 3D Systems.

This is the answer to the lack of respiratory valves at the Chiari hospital, where panic broke out on the morning of March 13 due to the Coronavirus emergency. Respirator valves are missing; And how do you proceed? It is not possible to undertake the usual purchasing process, it would be too late for the patients of the Chiari hospital.

But thanks to word of mouth and the brilliant minds of two technical engineers Michele Faini and Marco Gavazzi of the Lonati company, a Brescia-based company world leader in the textile machinery segment, the respirator valves arrive ahead of time, saving the lives of many patients. How?

This is thanks to the ProX SLS 6100 printer, supplied by our Treviso office, with which it was possible to replicate patented models that the multinational supplier would not have been able to deliver on time.

“It is motivating to see the progress that the Lonati research and development team has made – said Alberto Baraldi, co-founder of 3DZ Brescia, the person who followed in the Lonati project and explained to them how to use the machinery. Having a customer who uses Prox 6100 for new life-saving projects, able to use this 3D technology alongside others, is the best reward we could have ”

We are pleased that this solidarity chain has also originated thanks to the sale of our 3D printers, and confirms that in the medical and healthcare sectors the 3D printer will be increasingly needed. Not only. It shows us that potentially, every project, if well studied, can be achieved with 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing.

On the subject concludes Ivan Zannol, co-founder of 3DZ, adding that “For years we have been repeating that the future of prototyping and production in a broad sense will pass through 3D printers. In this moment of total medical and health emergency we make available our deep know-how and our knowledge. If we can save lives with technological innovations, we want to be at the forefront of helping doctors ”.