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The biggest 3D puppet in the world: it’s a record in Castelfranco


3DZ has participated in the creation of a huge 3D puppet, a reproduction of about 4 meters to pay homage to the local artist Bepe Pastrello.

Bepe Pastrello a magical man, outside the box, with a childlike soul, who tried to see the beauty of life, transmitting it to young and old in a special way, through puppet theatre, the world of puppet shows.”

Luigi Pastrello, called Bepe, the puppeteer of Castelfranco. He was a kind, simple man, capable of pursuing his dreams and making them come true. Born in 1906, poor family, working at an early age. At the age of 12 he became the boy of the Aldo Masieri boarding school in Castelfranco Veneto; right here he fell in love with this ancient theatrical art. In the month of February, during the Carnival festival, schoolchildren stayed in the school.

Luigi Pastrello was self-taught. He created with his imagination and with the material he had at home. He made puppets, small theatres, scenery and sets, backdrops and scripts. All by himself. He took a license for travelling shows and thus began his profession. He went from square to square, from village to village with a cart equipped with a bike full of equipment. He mounted his canopy and gave life to magic, and this is how he made thousands and thousands of children fall in love all these years.

His artistic production was donated to the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, which opened last December an exhibition in his honour at the Giorgione Museum (open until next March 22): “On this side of the world – Humans and non-humans in Bepe Pastrello’s puppets”.

The contribution of 3D scanning

3DZ has participated in the creation of the world’s largest 3D puppet. The object of the scan is the self-portrait that the artist made of himself, which he sometimes used in his shows. Originally, the self-portrait was a half-bust just over a hand, about twenty centimetres large, which 3DZ’s technicians scanned with the latest 3D technology. This is the first time that such a work of art has been scanned. The supremacy of the castle has been made possible thanks to the use of Artec 3D‘s Spider Scanner.

After the scan was followed by the milling with a mechanical arm of enormous blocks of polystyrene that eventually generated a four-metre face that emerges from the roof of the Museo Casa Giorgione, resting on a structure in perfect theatrical style created by Giancarlo Baggio. Finally, the colours of the great 3D puppet were applied by the historic artist Alessandro Gatto, who knew Pastrello personally and who the Otium agency, which supervised the project, chose to give eternity to the work.

Artist Bepe Pastrello’s 3D puppet is a source of pride for 3DZ

“We are proud to have participated in this artistic challenge,” explains Gianfranco Caufin, Sales Manager of 3DZ Treviso“The result is exceptional and proves once again that 3D scanning has unexplored uses. Think, for example, of all the works of art to be preserved and protected in case of flooding, as happened in Venice. The digital memory of the work guarantees its eternal preservation and the possibility of reproduction on different media to make it, for example in the case of Pastrello, larger and more popular for the public”.