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Ultrafast printing, Nexa 3D reduces printing cycles from hours to minutes


3DZ exclusive Nexa 3D reseller in Italy, France and Spain

3DZ, exclusive distributor of the Nexa 3D brand in Italy, France and Spain, is proud to  introduce the new NXE400 industrial 3D printer: with this further upgrade of the offered product range, 3DZ reconfirms itself as one of the largest 3D printer retailers in Europe.

Nexa 3D is a company based in California producing ultrafast industrial stereolithography 3D printers, for businesses of all sizes. Nexa’s founders are convinced that 3D printing is an unstoppable force of change and they are passionate about their work promoting precision high-speed additive manufacturing.

The combination of the exclusive patented LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) technology with a Structured Light Matrix, enable Nexa 3D’s printers to reach unparalleled printing speeds.

With NXE 400, printing cycles are reduced from hours to minutes.

NXE 400

With a printing area of 280x165x400 mm, a revolutionary patented LSPc technology by Nexa 3D and intelligent optimization, NXE 400 is the suitable printer for any application, as well as for mass production.


Why is NXE 400 unique:

  • 2,5 x larger build volume compared to competitor’s currently available technologies
  • high-resolution (75 µm)
  • isotropic prints
  • manufacturing ready and with a modular design
  • integrated next-gen software (Materialise)
  • fully-equipped