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Take the Artec Leo scanner with you at all times


Did you already know that you can take your Artec Leo scanner with you even more easily and safely with the backpack specially made to carry it and the case to protect it?

Protective silicone case for Artec Leo

Leo is the powerful portable scanner from Artec 3D. Now you have the ability to take it with you anywhere, without the fear of damaging it.

Leo’s brand new protective case fits your portable device perfectly, protecting it from dust, dirt, grease, moisture and general wear and tear. With a firmer grip on the silicone material, you reduce the risk of dropping your scanner.

The case is made of sturdy medical-grade silicone and will last for decades if cared for properly. It is washable and disinfectable, for use in medical and forensic settings as well.


Scanner travel backpack

Want to scan 3D while traveling without risking damage to your device? Now you can safely and easily carry any Artec portable scanner and all your accessories wherever you go with a smart travel bag that holds all your gear.

Secure, padded, and water-resistant, the Artec travel backpack is ideal for protecting your device and transporting it quickly and smoothly. Load any equipment you might need, from batteries to tripods, into an unobtrusive carry-on ready to meet your scanning needs wherever they arise.

With pockets to keep essentials close at hand, customizable packing space and a soft shell suitable for the flight deck, the Artec backpack is the perfect travel companion.

Discover Leo and his accessories

Want to learn more about the handy Artec Leo handheld scanner and all the accessories it comes with?

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