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Smooth TPU 95A

Soft TPU 95A

The new material, similar to rubber, for the production of elastomeric parts, even in small volumes and on-demand

Smooth TPU 95A material by Markforged to make flexible parts with 3D printing

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a rubber-like material suitable for the production of flexible and impact-resistant parts.

Because of its characteristics, it lends itself to the production of parts such as gaskets, shock absorbers, hoses, and transmission belts.


Smooth TPU 95A, the new filament from Markforged, makes it possible to obtain parts that have the same functionality as parts made with traditional systems, but offers the great advantage of executing even small custom and on-demand designs quickly and without additional costs.

Classic production methods of flexible materials normally require long lead times, high investment and numerous processing steps, making them feasible only for large quantities.

Smooth TPA 95A, on the other hand, by greatly simplifying the process allows these parts to be made even for prototypes or when the required quantities are minimal.


  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Elongation at break of 500%
  • Shore A hardness of 95
  • High surface quality
  • Good mechanical deformability


  • Replacement of traditional manufacturing
    High-quality flexible and impact-resistant finished parts in low volumes
    Design validation prototypes before going into or scaling up production
    Shock Absorbers
    Flexible Hoses
    Transmission belts and bands
    Wheels and Treads

Smooth TPU also makes it easy to 3D print flexible parts

Smooth TPU 95 A can be used on Mark Two, the desktop 3D printer for mechanical equipment, and Onyx Pro, for affordable continuous fiber reinforced prints.

Want to learn more about it? Check out the printers page. You’ll find the full range of available materials and their features.

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