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Additive Tour Porto- Organic, sustainable, optimized, profitable growth through 3D printing

Showroom 3DZ Porto
R. do Revilão 383, 4100-427 Porto, Portugal

3DZ invites you to this in-person event about the advantages of incorporating 3D printing in companies. Open to attendees of all levels; newcomers and regular users.

To help you understand the advantages and channel the opportunities that 3D technologies bring, we invite you to this face-to-face event on May 9th at 3DZ Oporto’s headquarters.

This event is designed to contribute to innovation in your operations, in your production processes, in the performance of your company, responding individually to the challenge that each company sets out to achieve.

All with an undisputed protagonist: the Nexa 3D XIP PRO 3D printer, the fastest on the market to date.

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09-05-24 - 09-05-24
R. do Revilão 383, 4100-427 Porto, Portugal

Who is the target audience?

This event is aimed at those who wish to test 3D printing in industrial processes and those who wish to optimize their company’s production flows. Technicians and technical managers, research and development staff and managers, production managers, etc.

Why attend?

  • On May 9th, you will have the opportunity to meet with 3DZ experts in 3D printing to ask your individual questions, prepare all your doubts and questions, bring a part, schedule a demo!

  • We will present the most complete success stories with live testimonials from some of our clients.

  • You will be able to attend the exhibition guided by our experts at 3DZ Porto headquarters with the most advanced 3D technologies on the market and the new Nexa 3D printer: Xip Pro, the fastest 3D printer on the market.


  • Welcome coffee 10.00h
  • Introduction to 3D Technologies 10.15h
  • Industrial applications; prototyping, tooling, production, etc. 10.30h
  • 3DZ customer testimonial 11.00h
  • Guided exhibition with different 3D technologies and real applications from our clients 11.30h
  • Networking and closing 12.00h

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