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FX10: the most versatile tool for your shop floor


3D printing is also becoming increasingly popular in production departments. This is because additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce durable and fully customized production aids such as lifting systems, jigs and fixtures easily and quickly in a short time, without clogging up the CNC system process.

FX10 is Markforged’s new continuous fiber reinforced filament printer (CFR technology) ideal for your production department.

FX10 is a fast, high-productivity printer designed to work non-stop and produce robust yet lightweight parts that can replace traditional metal parts.

On May 30 at 11:00 am, join the webinar to find out.


30-05-24 - 30-05-24

Who is it for?

This webinar is aimed at engineers, designers, production managers and all those involved in industrial production who are looking for innovative solutions to improve efficiency and quality.

Why attend?

  • During the presentation on May 30, you will discover how FX10’s continuous fiber reinforcement technology transforms the way industrial parts are produced, combining metal-equivalent strength with the flexibility of additive manufacturing.

  • You will see the precision of the FX10: thanks to its optical sensors and laser micrometer, this printer guarantees unprecedented print quality and accuracy, meeting the most stringent tolerance requirements.

  • We’ll show you its uninterrupted productivity: with its generous print volume and automatic media change system, the FX10 drastically reduces cycle times, enabling 24/7 production.

  • You’ll appreciate the simplified user experience with highly automated and intuitive workflows that maximize productivity with reduced operator intervention.



  • 3D printing in your production department: what are the advantages over traditional production?
  • FX10 presentation with the live 3D printer
  • Applications and success stories
  • 3D printing in your production department: what are the advantages over traditional production FX10 presentation Application examples and success stories Q&A: You will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our experts to find out how FX10 can be integrated into your workflow.


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