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Optimize the design and manufacturing of your molds (or how to save a lot of time and money) - Sistemodel's testimony



14-12-23 - 14-12-23

What is good design?

Among all the processes necessary for the production of a part, the design of the model and core boxes is one of the most important since it is the first step from the virtual to the physical and will affect each and every one of the following processes.

Each case requires a specific solution and the best design is the one that reconciles the expectations of the designer of the part and the needs of the manufacturer of the part. In the case of Sistemodel, making use of its extensive knowledge and experience of production processes to act as a link with foundries or manufacturers of composite parts.

Digital manufacturing

  • At Sistemodel, to reconcile the expectations of the part designer and the needs of the part manufacturer, they use the latest technologies available on the market.

    Reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing, additive manufacturing. At Sistemodel they complement traditional processes or replace them by manufacturing the models and core boxes using CAD-CAM, using the 3D design approved by the client and machining on CNC machines and/or manufacturing digitally with 3D technologies.

    They are specialized in the design and manufacture of complex models for any industrial sector.

What is Sistemodel going to share?

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    Evolution and adoption of 3D technologies

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    Real use cases


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