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Latest 3D printing news for jewellery!


Discover the new ultra-resolution MJP 300W, the new 3D printing materials and the automated media removal system: a complete digital jewellery ecosystem.

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The new technologies, which allow precise and detailed results to be obtained in a very short time, integrate perfectly with traditional goldsmithing processes.

Discover the new 3DSystems MJP 300W printer, the new VisiJet Wax Jewel Ruby and the automated wax holder removal system from Post-Process.

29-02-24 - 29-02-24

Why attend?

  • Introducing the new MJP 300W from 3DSystems, the new jewellery 3D printer with ultra high resolution and 4 print modes, which meets all needs: from producing many parts in a short time to jewellery with minute details and intricate textures at very high resolution.

  • After an overview of jewellery impression materials, discover the latest addition: the new flexible and durable Visijet Wax Jewel Ruby, perfect for gemstone pre-setting.

  • We will also introduce you to Post-Process DEMI 430, the automated wax support removal system that is safer, more efficient and guarantees better part quality.

What you will gain by attending this webinar

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    You will discover how, thanks to software, printers, post-processing systems and specific materials, it is possible to digitise the entire jewellery manufacturing workflow. All this while maintaining the craftsmanship of the product: in fact, the new work processes integrate perfectly with traditional goldsmithing processes.


  • A complete digital ecosystem for jewellery
  • 3D printing for jewellery: an overview of the best technologies
  • MJP 300W - the high-resolution, multi-option wax 3D printer
  • Printing materials: features and developments
  • How to remove brackets effortlessly: DEMI 430
  • Q&A

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