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News: Artec Studio 18


Artec 3D introduces the new Artec Studio 18: the fast color scanning software, certified for metrology and empowered by artificial intelligence

The new version of Artec Studio further increases the capabilities of Artec’s 3D scanner range and the quality of the acquired data.

It is now possible to easily merge data acquired even at different resolutions from different Artec scanners. Speeded up processing of scan data and the ability to create highly realistic 3D color models.

New Artec studio features speed up the scanning workflow: it is easier and faster to edit parts and deviations in reverse engineering. Quality verification is also improved and speeded up thanks to the new algorithms: required tolerance defects are identified instantly.

As proof of Artec Studio 18’s accuracy, the German standards institute PtB awarded this version of the software a certificate of competence in metrology.

“Artec Studio 18 opens the way to new possibilities, allowing users to combine data from completely different scanners with the click of a button,” said Art Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “With the Artec Leo handheld scanner and the Artec Ray II long-range scanner, it is now possible to create incredibly detailed digital twins of huge areas such as factory departments. This innovation, along with the continued advances in artificial intelligence we use to improve the speed and quality of scanning, shows how we continue to pioneer the field of 3D.”

  • Merges and merges multi-resolution scans creating a single model

    The new, unique “Intelligent Fusion” feature allows scans acquired with different Artec scanners to be merged into a single model, even if at different resolutions. Consider, for example, a scan acquired with a long-range scanner and a close-up scan of a specific area acquired with a handheld scanner such as Artec Leo: you will get an incredibly detailed model for new opportunities for use.

  • Faster, sharper and more realistic scanning

    Artec Studio 18 processes scans much faster: it really only takes one click. Artec Leo and Artec Eva‘s AI-based HD mode is now 4 times faster.

    But that’s not all: thanks to neural network decoding, textures look sharper and more realistic, color contrast and resolution improved.

  • Advanced quality control

    With the new advanced 3D comparison map and thickness mapping and tolerance checking mode, errors can be identified immediately

New features in brief

  • Draft angles: to remove cast parts without damaging the molds.
  • Cleaning functionality: smooth edges and polish your models to perfection!
  • Instant deviation analysis: instantly check for deviations when extracting CAD shapes from meshes.
  • Move and offset faces: perfect for replicating and editing faces in other parts of the workspace.
  • Improved autosurfacing: transforms polygonal meshes into models with curved ‘NURBS’ surfaces.
  • Surface thickening tools: for filling complex objects and preparing them for 3D printing.

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