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Form 3B+

The state-of-the-art 3D printer optimised for biocompatible materials and dental applications. In desktop format.

The Form 3B+ is the desktop 3D printer for the dental and medical industry that enables quick, on-site manufacturing of custom parts from biocompatible and sterilizable materials. Bring not only research and development in-house, but also small batch production. Form 3B+ is designed for the dental market with its wide range of specific biocompatible resins and unique software features.

BioMed Durable Resin

BioMed Durable Resin is a material for transparent 3D printing for applications that require biocompatible materials that possess resistance to impact, breakage and abrasion. Certified for the USP class VI, can be used in applications destined to be in contact with tissues, bone and dentine for long periods of time (< 24 hours). 
The BioMed Durable Resin is produced by Formlabs with the certification ISO 13485 and registered by the FDA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 
Resistant to impact, breakage and abrasion, to print parts for the medical use with impact resistance equal to 98 J/m according to the Izod resilience test. 
Material for the medical use produced in the quality management system of Formlabs in line with the ISO 13485 standard. 
Material suitable for biocompatible applications. 
Excellent transparency and surface finish: the parts produced using this material are close in quality to end use parts and present an extremely smooth surface finish. 

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