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Artec 3D

Ray II

The ultra-fast long-range 3D Scanner for professional high-precision scanning

Ray II is a high-precision wireless 3D laser scanner for objects and areas as large as 130 meters, ideal for professional applications such as reverse engineering and forensic documentation. It offers top-of-the-line accuracy in 3D details and angle measurements, with portability that facilitates use in diverse situations, from infrastructure to crime scene documentation, making it a versatile tool for various industries.

3D Scans of Metrological Precision and Excellence in Angular Accuracy

Elevate your designs with Artec Ray II, the scanner that sets new standards for 3D point accuracy and angular precision, essential for applications where metrology is critical. With Artec Ray II, achieve the highest accuracy in every detail.

Capture Minute Details with 36 MP 3-Camera System

Discover unprecedented definition in HDR textures with Ray II. Its advanced 36 MP 3-camera system reveals every tiny surface irregularity, ensuring outstanding visual fidelity.

Exceptional Speed and Portability

The Artec Ray II impresses with its ability to capture 3D data at a rate of 2 million points per second, combining efficiency with extreme portability. It weighs only 5 kg, including tripod, and does not require targets for scanning, enabling quick and easy setup.

Full Long-Range 3D Acquisition: Extended Accuracy and Precise Details

The Ray II 3D scanner is distinguished by its wide field of view, ranging from 360° to 300°, allowing flexible capture of objects located at distances from 0.5 to 130 meters. This capability ensures high-precision, superior-quality acquisitions over a wide range of distances.

Optimization of 3D Scans for CAD

After capturing extended precision 3D scans with long-range technology, use Artec Studio for precise positioning and fitting of your scans with CAD primitives. Then, easily export to SolidWorks or other CAD software, or directly into Geomagic Control X for detailed inspection reports.

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